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I am a big fan of roleplaying, and have been playing for over ten years now (the majority of it as Dungeon Master).
Here in Berlin, I often ask people if they want to play or have played before and, like clockwork, the reply I get is: "I haven’t but would love to try it out".
So I set out to make a game where people can come and go as they please, and where I can have fun building an ever-expanding world with my friends, who enjoy world building and roleplay as much as I do.

Elevator pitch: 

What if you could play tabletop roleplaying games, as if they were MMORPGs?

This is an ongoing project (we already have over thirty players) which I am currently working on. Links are to the telegram chat where I organize players, and the discord, where we keep some records of players and quests. I am still working on making a miro quest board and a Notion to track all of the information that is constantly being added by all of the players.
Worked with a great team of mostly programmers to quickly make this game over a weekend. I wrote the story for our game, designed how the mechanics worked and we all collaborated to make the levels that wound up being in the game. Will definitely be going to next year’s GGJ!
  • Mechanic Design
  • Level Design
  • Story Design