It is hard to concisely paraphrase such an eventful life, especially as someone who enjoys a well thought out bit of text. With sympathy to the reader’s time, though, I will try to make this pertain, mostly, to just games design and my education.

My parents are both artists, this intertwined with our family’s gaming enthusiasm propelled me very directly into dreaming of becoming a games designer and exploring how I can express my own vision of fun in this medium.



I went to grade- and high-school in Amsterdam, moved to Berlin in 2007 and went to Nelson Mandela School. After finishing my MSA I moved to London and did a BTEC in IT Systems Support for two years. After this I completed a degree in Creative Writing. When we returned to Berlin I did an intensive German course, studied Philosophy for two years and then switched to doing Video Games Design in 2021. Throughout these years I’ve always played MMORPGs, ArcheAge, Lost Ark, Runescape, Albion, and had never taken my sight off of the goal of one day making my own games. Finally four years ago I tried making two games, one as an application at HTW and the other as part of a Game Jam. Now as part of my education I’ve made several games detailed below, and am excited to continue learning and creating as a Games Designer.

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