convoy of hope

Dorfromantik styled casual puzzle game

My Roles

Game Designer:
– Paper-prototyping
– Found and studied game references
– Researched  at and sourced artistic references
– Numerical balancing
– Communicated and interpreted design with and for programmers
– Balancing sheet
Narrative Design:
– Story concepting
– Artistic interpretation with artists
– The document
– Download
– Researched and documented
– Presented and proposed game solutions
– Environmentalism:
– Studied climate change
– Sought out relevant communication


This project was a clear deviation from the previous ones, we were assigned a concept that we were tasked to interpret and create. I had the great fortune of working with a very talented team that gave me space to work exclusively on design tasks. I did a lot of research into accessibility and created the guidelines for the message our game was to communicate, as well as working on narrative design, system design, mechanic design and last but not least doing the balancing for our game.



I looked at similar board games (as well as Civilizations) and saw what they did well before making paper prototypes to test out our core game play. Once we were satisfied with that we started working on the additional systems we wanted to have in the game to add to the challenge. I spent a bulk of my time between testing and feedbacking our system concepts before then balancing the associated values and further testing of all elements that had been implemented into the game right up until submission.

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