ascent of the dragon : a feudal japanese run & Jump


By working with a clear reference I had an easy time creating our initial prototypes with our programmer and testing out how our game play loop would work. I sketched simple concepts for further mechanics, and then worked them into the level concept that was made by a fellow designer. After feedbacking, updating and polishing the concept I used the tool made by our programmer to implement each walkable tile in 2.5d space.

level designer

  • Made the blockout for our level
  • Built level matching team’s goals
  • Balanced numerical aspect of mechanics
  • Created interesting choices within the level

mechanics designer

  • Jump, (Double jump, coyote time)
  • Bubble trap attack (ability that captures enemies)
  • Level pickups, keys (and their tie-in with level design)


  • Learned effective communication (standups, meetings, documentation)
  • Learned blockout skills in Godot
  • Practised and learned Game Engine skills
  • Used Tilemaps for blocking out and building finished level

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I am no longer 5 years old, but I still love chess!